1          A collection of 5 different vegetables, quantities as specified in classes 3-24, on a board or in a trug (or similar) max size 76 x 60 cm
2          A collection of potatoes, 3 potatoes each from 3 varieties
3          5 potatoes, white
4          5 potatoes, coloured
5          6 runner beans
6          6 french beans
7          3 beetroots, foliage trimmed
8          6 radishes, foliage untrimmed
9          3 onions, large exhibition
10        5 onions, 250 gm or under
11          7 shallots, large
12         10 shallots, pickling, not to exceed 3 cm diameter
13         6 pods of peas, one variety (not mange tout)
14         A marrow
15         5 tomatoes, ordinary
16         10 tomatoes, small fruited (eg cherry)
17          1 truss of cherry tomatoes
18         A pair of cucumbers, any type
19         A bulb of garlic
20        3 carrots, foliage trimmed
21         3 parsnips, foliage trimmed
22        2 courgettes, approximately 15 cm long
23        2 sweet peppers, any colour
24        6 chilli peppers, any colour
25        Any other vegetable not previously mentioned
26        5 different kinds of vegetables and/or fruit (one of each) – ‘you’ve grown it we’d like to see it’ – on a plate or dish, max size 30 cm diameter
27        10 raspberries on a small plate
28        5 dessert apples, ripe, any variety
29        A small plate of any other ripe fruit
30        A collection of fruit, ripe, three kinds
31        3 named herbs in a jam jar, not in flower
32        Longest runner bean
33        An unusually shaped vegetable


Section B:  Flowers & Plants

50        3 stems of roses in one vase, same variety

51         A specimen rose in a vase

52        1 multi-headed rose stem, any variety

53        Best Scented Rose (to be judged by visitors to the show)

54        10 stems of annual sweet peas, mixed, at least three varieties

55        6 stems of annual sweet peas, one variety

56        3 gladioli, any variety

57        A specimen gladiolus spike

58        A vase of mixed herbaceous perennials, 50 cm width allowed

59        A vase of single stems of 3 flowering shrubs from different flowering families

60        5 annual asters

61         Mixed annuals in a jam jar

62        3 stems of penstemons

63        3 stems phlox

64        5 dianthus (pinks, carnations etc), stems with buds

65        6 pansies or violas on a board, maximum 25 cm square

66        3 clematis flowers on a board, maximum 30 cm square

67        1 dahlia, large or giant usually over 20 cm diameter

68        3 dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus (not large or giant blooms)

69        3 dahlias, decorative (not large or giant blooms)

70        3 dahlias, pompon

71         3 dahlias, ball

72        3 dahlias, any other, not previously mentioned

73        A dahlia, specimen bloom, any size, any variety

74       An exhibit of mixed dahlias, any cultivars, number of blooms optional

75       A bush fuchsia, single flowering

76        A half standard fuchsia, any variety

77        Any other fuchsia, not previously mentioned

78        6 fuchsia flower heads on a square board, maximum 25 cm square

79        Lily one stem, any type

80        Flowering plant in pot

81         Foliage plant in pot

82        Cactus or succulent plant in pot

83        An exhibit of special botanical interest, plant not previously exhibited

            in a show of this Association

84       Fuchsia 'Heidi Anne', kindly donated by Castle Gardens

85       A vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between five and 10 stems, taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants.  Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants: two varieties of the same plants are not two kinds.


Section C:  Floral Arrangement

•      Exhibitors in this section may use flowers from any source garden or commercial (except class 91) .

•      All exhibits may use props or accessories.

•      Exhibits can be assembled at home in advance if preferred.

•      To fit a width of 50 cm unless otherwise stated.

90        70 Glorious Years

91        From Your Garden (only plant material from the/your garden may be used)

92        Shades of one colour         

93        Summer Holiday

94        Petite arrangement, over 10 cm but under 23 cm overall

95        Miniature, not over 10 cm overall

96        A garden in a FULL size seed tray


Section D: Homecraft

Note Rules on page 3, particularly nos. 2 & 3.

• Please ensure that jars can be opened easily otherwise they cannot be judged.

• Classes 100-116 must be on a plate and inside a large clear plastic bag.

• Classes 117-123 Jams & Jellies. Jars to be filled to the top, cover may be a plain twist lid OR a wax disc and cellophane cover, all labels to be dated.

100 A chocolate cake, iced

101 Your ‘showstopper’ cake, maximum width, depth & height 30 cm

102 6 decorated cupcakes

103 3 American muffins

104 A fresh fruit pie, closed, plate not over 23 cm

105 6 chocolate brownies

106 6 shortbread pieces, any shape 107 A cake incorporating a named vegetable

108 A Victoria sandwich, jam-filled, undecorated, no sugar on top

109 Fruit Cake, maximum 20 cm round tin

110 6 biscuits

111 A handmade loaf

112 6 bread rolls

113 A quiche, 20 cm in diameter

114 2 different items incorporating cheese

115 6 fruit scones

116 6 flap jacks

117 A jar of marmalade

118 A jar of jam

119 A jar of fruit jelly

120 A jar of lemon curd

121 A jar of sweet chilli jam

122 A jar of honey

123 A jar of chutney, named variety


Section E:  Handicrafts

• Note Rules on page 3, particularly nos. 2 & 3.

• Items must NOT have been previously exhibited in a show of this Association.

• Exhibitors must indicate if the work is to their own design, or based on a pattern or from a kit using the labels provided

• Cards will be available should you wish to provide any short explanatory note (max 20 words).

• Max size for display of 75 cm x 75 cm. Large items of embroidery/tapestry etc may need to be folded.

130 A handmade hat

131 A patchwork article

132 A hand embroidered article 133 A tapestry article

134 A cross stitch article 135 A crocheted article

136 ‘From Rags to Riches’, an article with a recycled theme

137 A hand-knitted article

138 Any sewn garment, cut out and sewn by exhibitor

139 A soft toy

140 An item of ceramics or pottery

141 An item of woodwork

142 A handmade card for any occasion of an original design

143 An item of metalwork

144 ‘You’ve made it, we’d like to see it’, any item of handicraft




• Classes 150-155 not to exceed 75 cm x 75cm framed or mounted.

• All work in these classes must be ready for hanging with string.

• Any visible signatures to be temporarily covered please.

150 An oil or acrylic painting, any subject

151 A watercolour painting, any subject

152 A drawing

153 An exhibit of mixed media – please specify media

154 A flower portrait in any medium 155 Subject of your choice using pastels


• Photographs not to be larger 15 x 10 cm mounted on card not to exceed 18 x 13 cm to facilitate fixing to display boards

157 Water

158 Bird Life

159 Wild Flowers

160 Out of the Ordinary

161 Christmas in Cary

162 A digitally manipulated image Please submit both ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.


• All entries to be on A5 size paper.

164 Write a limerick beginning with: As I gaze from my window and dream…

165 Mini Saga. A story in precisely 50 words plus up to 15 words for the title

166 Make up a sentence using as many of the 35 letters as possible in this phrase (using each letter once): A gloriously hot summer day makes me happy


Section G :  CHILDREN

• For Classes 190-203 please state age on the entry form.

• Children are also very welcome to enter any of the adult classes.

• Classes 192 & 202 must be covered

• In the children’s section prize monies for all classes are: First £2; Second £1, Third 50p


190 Vegetables and/or fruit you’ve grown, displayed on a plate or dish

191 A vase of mixed flowers, 5 stems

192 5 decorated cupcakes

193 A photograph of ‘Bird Life’ or ‘Wild Flowers’


200 Vegetables and/or fruit you’ve grown, displayed on a plate or dish

201 A vase of mixed flowers, 5 stems

202 5 decorated cupcakes

203 A photograph of ‘Bird Life’ or ‘Wild Flowers’



1. ENTRIES can be emailed to ccgardeningassociation@gmail.com (will be acknowledged) or by using the form on our website (also acknowledged). Or you can send a paper entry form to the Secretary/Treasurer using the details on your programme. Entries must be received no later than 5pm on Wednesday 3rd August 2022

2. CHILDREN are very welcome to enter any classes.

3. ON THE DAY. Collect EXHIBITORS’ CLASS CARDS on arrival. You must have a class card for each entry.

4. STAGING of exhibits 8.00 am - 10.45 am. Doors close at 10.45 am, when all but the judges and officials must have left the hall.

5. Entries can be removedafter presentation of Trophies at 4.15 pm.


Please check the rules carefully. Rules applicable to specific classes are shown on the relevant schedule pages.

1. JUDGING. Where possible the show will be governed by the RHS Horticultural Handbook. This may be examined on request but nottaken away.

2. ONE ENTRY per class per exhibitor. 3. All entries for SECTIONS A&B must have been grown by the exhibitor.

4. POINTS will be awarded as follows: First Prize 3 points; Second Prize 2 points; Third Prize 1 point. (Class 32 & 33 have only a first prize)

5. MERITS may be awarded at the Judges discretion.

6. In the event of a TIE, the overall number of first prizes (then second prizes) awarded in the relevant section will be the deciding factor.

7. Where VASE is mentioned any suitable container may be used except for Classes 54-57 and 67-74 where vases will be provided.

8. TROPHY winners are responsible for the safekeeping and return of their trophies to the Committee by 1st July 2023.

9. MEASUREMENTS & WEIGHTS are shown in metric.

0. On any MATTER ARISING, not covered by the rules, the decision of the Committee shall be final.





• RHS Banksian Medal to the winner of the highest number of points in the horticultural classes in the show who has not won in the previous two years • Chamber of Commerce Rose Bowl for the highest number of points

SECTION A: VEGETABLES and FRUIT • Harold Milner Trophy and £25 voucher kindly donated by Dave Marsh Hardware, for the highest number of points

• Ansford Cup for the points runner-up

• Charlie North Shield for the best exhibit

• Newcomer Award, £25 NGS Token kindly donated by Neville Morley, for the highest points by an entrant who has not previously won a prize/ trophy in this section

SECTION B: FLOWERS and PLANTS • P C Thomas Cup and £10 voucher kindly donated by Castle Gardens, for the highest number of points (excluding dahlia and fuchsia classes) • Floral Cup for the points runner-up (excluding dahlia and fuchsia classes) • Sir John Parson Cup for the highest number of points in Dahlia classes

• K Mossman Cup for the best exhibit • Phillip Matthews Award for an exhibit of special botanical interest not previously exhibited

• David Garrett Cup for the highest number of points in the Fuchsia Classes

• Castle Gardens Prize for best specimen of this year’s donated plant • Prize for best scented rose in Class 53 (decided by visitors to the show)


• Floral Art Cup and £10 for the highest number of points

• Cup and £5 for the best exhibit


• Castle Cary Domestic Science Cup and £10 for the highest number of points

• Castle Cary Domestic Science Shield and £5 for the runner-up


• Vera Blacker Memorial Cup for the highest number of points

• Castle Cary Handicrafts Cup for the best exhibit (to be decided by visitors to the show)


• Photographic Cup for the best exhibit in the photography classes

• Joy Barnes Art Cup for the best exhibit in the painting classes


• Margaret Bush Trophy for the highest number of points in Sections D, E, & F

SECTION G: CHILDREN’S CLASSES • Ralph Tutton Trophy for the highest number of points

• Miniature Cup for the runner up most points

• Miniature Cup, awarded annually, for the best children’s exhibit

• In the children’s section prize monies for all classes are: First £2.00; Second £1.00; Third 50p